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Hollywood of Houston, BLK Hollywood!

We are now signing 1000 new Hollywood Houston members for Hollywood of Houston Actors Association. Our aim is to become Houston's Largest Motion Picture Studio and Industry. A local union of movie Actors and Talents who want to be recognized and awarded for their work in the (3rd Largest City) Houston, TX.

The benefits of Hollywood Houston are many. Members will develop an ongoing Acting career, iMDB Credits, Movies, Videos, Commercials and Digital Website for Business, Photography and Publicity. We offer continual movie Scripts, writers, directors, producers, teams and crews. Get professional sets, locations, camera equipment, drones, lighting and actors. We manufacture movies and videos. We manage talent, social influencers, gamers, athletes, music artists and models.

We plan to bring our Actors off the 9-5 job to work in our Houston Film Industry full-time. We can't make up front blanket promises on pay because we need to identify serious Actors and talents first. The ones who show up early or on time, and take the initiative to learn the business of Acting in Houston. We will put their Acting careers first, because they are doing more and being more active. We want Actors who can practice regularly and rehearse over their lines at table readings. We want Actors and Talents that we can TRUST and build longevity with.

We work with all ages and experience levels, in groups. We have a Kids Acting Group and the Adults Acting Group. Once we have the numbers, we will start scheduling different days and classes throughout the week for character building. and script development. Get major sponsors, connections, resources and endorsements. Hollywood of Houston is just what you've been waiting for and praying for; our own MAJOR FILM INDUSTRY, and Actors Association done right, here in Houston, Texas! Sign up for free,

for a limited time.

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Call: 832-488-8361

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